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Are you looking to push yourself and transform your outlook? Are you struggling to commit to your personal and professional goals?

Whether you’re looking for a personal mentor or ways to supplement your training regimen, Fran Hoogestraat Throws Coach can help.

From one-on-one mentoring to wellness instruction and character building, Fran will help you overcome the challenges that lie ahead and help you transform your life. If you’re a competitive track and field thrower in Nashville, TN, Fran also provides comprehensive coaching services.

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Having taught and coached for over 20 years, Fran Hoogestraat understands what perseverance can do for a person’s success. Fran will mentor, guide, and build your mental and emotional strength every step along the way to success.

Personal Mentoring

As your personal mentor, Fran will share her knowledge and experiences to help you set and achieve goals. From advancing your skills to building your sense of self, Fran can show you how to lead a fuller and more meaningful career and life.

Instruction in Wellness & Mental Toughness

Anxiety, stress, and personal doubt can interfere with your ability to achieve success. With Fran’s instruction on wellness and mental toughness, you can live a healthier life each day and overcome the mental roadblocks that stand in your way.


There’s more to being successful than achieving your immediate goals and finding instant gratification. It takes a healthy, mentally fit, and evolved individual to achieve true, long-term success.

Through Fran’s guidance and mentoring, you’ll understand what it means to grow as a person and integrate the following principles into your life on a daily basis:


Mental Fitness

Personal Character

Healthy Living

I came to coach Fran as a mediocre thrower, as someone who had never had a coach before and was looking for someone who was willing to help push me to reach my potential. What I found with Coach Fran was not just a great coach, but someone who cared about me as a thrower and as a person and to this day is a friend and mentor.

She saw the best of me and helped me to realize what I was capable of even when I didn’t see it. She was able to find what worked best for me whether that meant us having a mental day and just throwing and relaxing, or a technical day and us hammering out bad habits.

I can confidently say that if it was not for Coach Fran, I wouldn’t have placed 9th in state my senior year, nor would I have received the college offers I did. Coach Fran sets the bar as to what a good thrower coach should be, someone who is able to see their throwers potential and make ways to bring out the very best in their abilities, as well as be there to support and encourage them to reach that potential.

Myles Hicks,
Riverdale HS, Class of 2019
Milligan University Track & Field

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