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Life & Athletic Coach in Nashville, TN ❘ Fran Hoogestraat Throws Coach

Opening the door for an ever-expanding elite career in the throw events…

Providing technically-sound knowledge of the five throwing events through the tools of biomechanics, fitness, mental toughness, variety of training, and healthy living.

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Whether you’re a track and field athlete or would like help from a motivational speaker, Fran Hoogestraat is ready to stand by your side.  From throwing instruction and motivational speaking, there’s no shortage of ways Fran can help you lead a more fulfilling life or athletic career.

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Our son, Joe played football, soccer, basketball, and field events at Franklin Road Academy…

Coach Fran led Joe from being a middle of the field thrower (shot put & discus) to being a winner at each event his senior year and setting records at many events… 

We owe Joe’s success to Coach Fran’s outstanding ability… 

We cannot recommend her highly enough.

-John and Susan Irby

Life & Athletic Coach in Nashville, TN ❘ Fran Hoogestraat Throws Coach

My Athletes

Throwing can change a student’s entire trajectory in life, and I enjoy working with all types of throwers, from the elite athletes to the students with the potential to go elite. I am proud of the wide range of clients I work with. Here are some of the athletes I have worked with over the years, as well as a glimpse into my life as a motivational speaker.

Joe Irby is a school record holder at Franklin Road Academy in shot and discus. In 2016, he became a two-time regional and state champion. Joe improved in the shot from 42 feet as a freshman to 64’ as a senior. He also improved in the discus from 140 as a freshman to 174’ by the time he was a senior.

Joe Irby won the Big Man Award in 2014 at our Highland Games at my school. He won the shot put, discus throw, caber toss, and stone throw.

Hope Dyson is a talented artist, discus, and hammer thrower. She is a high school senior and throws in the 130’s in the hammer.
When Fran received the Doug Hall Relays Award.
Annabel Yates is a conference champion and javelin thrower at Spring Hill College.
Will Wheeler is a 2019 leader in the shot put, discus, stone and caber at Franklin Road Academy. He won the Big Man Award at the Highland Games.
Steve Wade, Jr. is a shot put record holder at the University of Louisville. He holds marks of 60’ 5 ¼ in the shot (18.42) and 185’ (56.60) in the discus. In high school, he was a two-time state champion in the discus.
Here are four college athletes training at my school.
When it comes to my throwing career, I owe a large part of my success to Coach Fran. Not only is she the most kind-hearted, passionate woman I know, but she is an incredible coach. I started training with her while I was in high school and never missed an opportunity to throw with her while home over breaks during my college career. She taught me so many things that I have used throughout my entire college career and throughout my day to day life. Not only did she teach me the fundamentals of throwing, but she also taught me how to be mentally strong.

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I have competed on some of the biggest stages throughout my throwing career and have thrown against Olympic champions and Olympic record holders. It was very easy to get nervous and overwhelmed during those times, but coach Fran taught me how to confront these moments of anxiety and to overcome them. I am proud to say that I am a 5x All-American, a 2-time Big 12 Academic Athlete of the year, I have records and honors in both the discus and shot put, indoor and outdoor and I contribute so much of my success to her.

Coach Fran is an incredibly brilliant coach, who would want nothing more than to have me succeed. To this day, she will never take credit for any of my accomplishments, which truly shows her humility. If you are considering training under her direction, I say, go for it!

Be prepared to work hard, to test your ability, to increase the strength of your body and mind and most of all, to be blessed! She is simply amazing and a true blessing to all she trains and encounters. I did not only gain a phenomenal coach, I gained a mentor and a true friend that I will cherish for a lifetime!

Brett Neelly
Kansas State University, Class of 2020
Mechanical Engineering Major
Men’s Track and Field Alum

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