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Are you a track and field thrower who is looking to compete at the collegiate or national level? Have you recently found yourself stuck in an athletic plateau, or are you looking to train harder, better, and smarter?

You’ve come to the right place! No matter which event you’re focused on, Fran Hoogestraat Throws Coach can help you take your athletic career to new and exciting heights.

For over 20 years, Fran Hoogestraat has worked with throwers and athletes in Nashville, TN, and throughout the South. From personal coaching to competition mentoring and wellness instruction, there’s no shortage of ways Fran can push you to the next level.

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Opening the door for an ever-expanding elite career in the throwing events…

Providing technically-sound knowledge of the five throwing events through the tools of biomechanics, fitness, mental toughness, variety of training, and healthy living.

Throwing Instruction

Fran Hoogestraat coaches beginner, intermediate, and advanced throwers who wish to compete in a state championship, at the collegiate level, or in masters-level competitions. Whether you’re located in Nashville, TN, or would like to travel to train one-on-one with Fran, you can receive personalized, comprehensive instruction on one or all five throwing events.

Discus Throw

Mastering the discus throw is all about precision, balance, and rhythm. From the way your fingertips hold the discus to how you rotate your body and move your legs, Fran can help you perfect your performance in this classic track and field event.

Hammer Throw

Fran can help you master all the components of a successful hammer throw. This event requires a powerful grip, a strong swing, and maximum delivery, all of which you’ll learn and master through Fran’s instructional training.

Weight Throw

Whether you’re learning or have already mastered this event, Fran can show you techniques to throw farther and set new personal records. From building momentum to executing the final release, you’ll feel stronger and more confident every time you complete the weight throw event.


Like all throwing events, precision, balance, position, and practice are crucial to a successful javelin event. No matter your skill level and experience with the javelin, Fran will work one-on-one with you to help you gradually improve your grip and stance to help you throw stronger and farther each time.

Shot Put

Training for the shot put, like any other throwing event, requires patience and practice. With Fran’s personalized instruction, you can master proper grip, placement, and delivery all while building your strength and perfecting your throw.

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Track & Field Coach in Nashville, TN ❘ Fran Hoogestraat Throws Coach

Technical Counsel

If you wish to improve on a particular event, Fran can provide you with a fresh set of eyes and help you detect and correct errors in your performance. Many athletes travel from outside the Nashville, TN, region, and from as far as Kentucky and Alabama, to receive one-on-one technical counseling with Fran.

Athletes and coaches can also send video to Fran and receive lessons and feedback. Fran uses the Coach’s Eye app to identify and improve an athlete’s body angles, positioning, and to help them correct errors in their throws.

Competition Mentoring


No matter how hard you’ve trained, your state-of-mind and confidence can influence your performance on the day of competition 

In addition to physical training, Fran can prepare you for competition and help you optimize your performance at competitions. She also mentors her athletes on the importance of nutrition and fitness, which can yield better performance, improved health, and overall wellness.


We were introduced to Fran when we were looking for someone to take my son Connor to the next level. Fran is an excellent coach of the fundamentals but also adapts the training to the athlete. She bases her approach on the personality of the athlete… Fran is a wonderful coach, mentor, and friend.

﹣Melani Smith Weed

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